Wintering your boat

After a good season of navigation, except to be part of the lucky ones evolving in pleasant climatic conditions … Discover the website and contact a professional team for any questions . it is necessary to think well to winter well his boat at the threshold of the winter, with its risks of frost, molds, etc.  comes and says winter says wintering boat. Outboard, yacht, sailboats, multihulls or monohulls, from rigid to semi-rigid, all boats worthy of the name should spend the winter warm. This can be economically attractive given the rising berthing prices. I hope this article will not make you depressed or cold but the summer season ends and your boat is new or used, it will have to be prepared for the winter.

The best place to store your boat

The best place to store your boat during the winter is out of the water and under the blanket in an air-conditioned boathouse. For more information contact Yacht Charter Monaco. This option is not the most affordable. If you do not remember this solution, you can consider packing your boat with heat-shrinkable film. This solution is also a bit expensive, but it offers very good protection against bad weather. If you do not want to use any of these solutions, be sure to protect your boat with a sufficiently strong tarpaulin. Before you start preparing your boat for the winter, make a checklist. all the tasks to be done. Check the owner’s manual of your boat and engine for the manufacturer’s recommendations in this regard.

Contact a professional

A boat well prepared for the winter is a protected boat, which prolongs her life. Wintering is a step not to be neglected. Whether for your peace of mind or your wallet, there are only benefits to taking care of your boat before winter. A regularly maintained boat costs less and sells better.

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